Construction Water services

Calgary and throughout Alberta since 2001

Our construction water services are aimed at providing water used in the construction phase of a project. These water services include the supply of water for General Construction and compaction work, ensuring that workers have access to clean water for drinking and other purposes and lastly we will use our vacuum trucks to clear up flood and contaminated water for you.

Our construction water services meet regulatory requirements related to water use and wastewater management. For example, construction projects need to obtain permits for water withdrawals or discharge of wastewater into nearby water bodies, and are required to implement best management practices to minimize the environmental impact of their activities. We can help you meet these obligations with minimal impact to your business operations.

Let us help you achieve your construction goals safely while respecting the environment.

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Extreme Pressure Wash also trades as Septic Source, Action Septic and ExPressure.

Septic Source