Emergency Response Water Services

Calgary and throughout Alberta since 2001

Emergency Response Water Services may be needed in a variety of situations where there is a disruption or contamination of the water supply, leading to a shortage of safe and clean water. Some examples of situations that may require Emergency Response Water Services include:

  1. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes that damage water infrastructure and result in the loss of access to clean water.
  2. Contamination of water sources due to chemical spills, oil leaks, or other environmental disasters.
  3. Malfunction or failure of water treatment facilities, which can lead to a loss of access to safe drinking water.
  4. Public health emergencies such as pandemics, where access to clean water is critical for sanitation and hygiene.
  5. Power outages or other disruptions to the electrical grid that can impact the operation of water treatment and distribution systems.

In any of these situations, Emergency Response Water Services may be necessary to provide safe and clean water to affected communities. These services may include the distribution of bottled water, the installation of temporary water treatment facilities, and the deployment of mobile water tankers to provide water where it is needed.

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