Water Hauling (Non-Potable)

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Non-potable water is typically used for various purposes where the water does not need to be safe for human consumption. Some common uses of non-potable water include:

  1. Irrigation: Non-potable water can be used for agricultural irrigation, landscaping, and other outdoor watering needs.
  2. Industrial processes: Non-potable water can be used in many industrial processes, such as cooling, manufacturing, and cleaning.
  3. Construction: Non-potable water can be used for construction purposes, such as dust control, mixing concrete, and soil compaction.
  4. Firefighting: Non-potable water can be used for firefighting purposes, such as in sprinkler systems and fire hydrants.

It’s important to note that the specific uses of non-potable water may vary depending on the quality of the water and local regulations. It’s always best to check with local authorities to determine the appropriate uses for non-potable water in your area.


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