We pride ourselves with our extreme power washing services. You can trust that we are ready to handle any of the following with professional manpower and equipment. Serving Rocky View, Mountain View, Foothills areas including Calgary, Airdrie and Okotoks for over a decade. You can rely on our family owned business provide you with fast, efficient and professional mobile power washing services.

Our high pressure dry steam washing is ideal for the Alberta winter using minimal water and keeping your job site dry. Our high pressure washing services can be matched with our Vac Truck Services for fast clean-up. We can remove any ground contamination caused by degreasing easily using our super suck truck! We have the equipment for any type of large malls and plaza garbage room washing and clean-ups.

We provide professional power washing services for the Oil and Gas industry.

  • Rig Mat Cleaning 
    Maintain a clean and safe work place by have us come out and pressure wash your Rig Mats.
  • Oil Field Washing Services 
    Power washing of drilling rigs, decks and equipment before relocation. Oilfield cooler, radiator and compressor washing. 
  • Tank Cleaning / De-greasing 
    Tank sludge and debris removal. Pressure wash and steam cleaning 
  • Mobile Equipment Washing 
    Heavy equipment power washing and degreasing. Steam Cleaning and high pressure washing 
  • High Pressure Steam Cleaning
    Steam cleaning for those extra heavy duty sludge and grime cleaning jobs.

Professional Mobile Fleet Washing Services.

  • Highway Construction Washing Services 
    Maintain clean and safe heavy highway equipment with our mobile washing services.
  • Highway Tractor and Trailer Power Washing 
    Power washing of all types of big rigs. Mobile pup and tractor cleaning
  • High Pressure Mud Removal 
    Call us to wash the mud from your highway construction equipment.
  • Heavy duty De-greasing Services 
    Mobile De-greasing services for all your heavy equipment
  • On-site Mobile Fleet Washing 
    Mobile on-site fleet pressure washing of any size

Miscellaneous Pressure Washing for any type of requirements.

  • Commercial - Industrial Pressure Washing and Steam Trucks 
    Commercial mobile pressure washing services
  • High Pressure Washing and Steaming Services
    High performance power washing services for all types of cleaning requirements. 
  • Major Construction Washing Services
    Keep your heavy equipment clean and mud free with our power wash services. 
  • High Pressure Mud Removal 
    Heavy equipment mud removal on site. Extreme mobile power washing & pressure washing experts! 
  • Flood clean-up and power washing 
    Extensive flood mud and debris clean-up services.
  • Basement power washing 
    Mobile basement pressure washing with vac truck services

Extreme Pressure wash can also haul your non-potable water using our high capacity trucks.  We are offer a high quality service with great availability, ensuring your worksite can stay operational.  Some of the services we cater for with Calgary, Edmonton and the surrounding area includes;

  • General Construction and compaction work
  • Dust Control
  • Rig Operations
  • Pipe line welding fire guard
  • Ice Road construction
  • Skating rinks
  • General water hauling

Dry Steam is a preferred method of De-greasing and cleaning when wanting to avoid large amounts of waste water accumulating around the work areas. Extreme hot stream services for heavy equipment De-greasing, cleaning, thawing and many other industrial and commercial steam blasting requirements. Combined steam / hot water blasting with our Vac trucks for excess debris removal will ensure a clean work area after job completion. 

The differences between high - pressure washing using hot water vs. our dry steam truck is the amount of water used. Dry steam leaves very little residual water leaving the areas safe and mostly dry.

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